How do I use a promo code?

Redeem your coupon code in a few steps

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If you have a vidIQ promo code you want to use towards a new subscription, you can add it on our checkout page. 

Please note, promo codes can't be applied if you choose PayPal as a method of payment, or if your subscription is through Google Play or Apple App Stores.

How to apply your coupon:

  1. On the plans page select the plan you are interested in.

  2. Carefully go through the information and select Add a promo code.

  3. You will see a field to enter the promo code.

  4. Enter your code and click Apply.

  5. Then enter your credit card details and press Subscribe & Pay.

If you entered the valid promo code correctly, you will see its description, percentage of the discount, and duration. Please double-check the final price, which should change according to the conditions of the promo code, as the amount you see will be charged to the credit card that you entered.

Please note: If you refresh the page, please verify that the promo code is still there and that the price reflects the promo code you would like to use, otherwise you will have to apply it again.

This is an example of how to apply 35% off for 3 months promo code :

Run into an issue?

Please double-check to make sure you’re entering the promo code correctly and that it applies to the plan and duration that you want to subscribe to or learn more about coupon code restrictions.

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