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How do I customize my receipts?

Add extra billing information to all your receipts

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We know your accountant may need more info from you.
Therefore, you can use our customizable receipts to generate that. If you need our company info, you can use:  

548 Market Street,
Suite 70172,
San Francisco CA 94104,
VAT ID 45 2781614

Here's how to customize your receipts if you paying via debit/credit card:

  1. First, log in to your paid account in our web app by following this link here.

  2. Under Account Settings, please press 'Manage Plan', and then click on “View Receipts” at the bottom of the page:

3. A pop-up 'Billing History' like below will appear. Press on “Receipt Settings”.

4. Then a new pop-up, like below will appear where you enter necessary details and press “Save”.

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