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Crafting Your Next Viral Video with Blueprints

In the world of content creation, transitioning from a good idea to a great video can be seamless with the right tools. Now, your "Create" tab transforms into a creative studio, offering customizable Blueprints to the finest detail. Here's how to bring your vision to life:

From Insight to Action

When you're ready to evolve an idea from concept to creation, click on any module inside the create page where you see a pen icon alongside calls to action like “Create” or “Preview this Topic.” Doing so will introduce you to a blueprint—a framework meticulously crafted to guide your creativity:

Blueprint Customization

Overview at a glance of how the Blueprint Customization looks:

Please note that generating additional Titles or Thumbnails or accessing the Outline Tab of the Blueprint is only available on paid plans. Also, the Free/Basic plan allows saving up to 3 blueprints at a time, whereas creators on a paid plan can save an unlimited number of blueprints.

Polishing Your Title

Title Customization: Start by clicking 'Edit' on the title presented to you. You can modify a title to refine it further, up to 100 characters, though our Optimize Score (available in the extension) recommends keeping it under 70 characters for the best outcomes.

Generate More Title Ideas: If the current titles don't align with your idea perfectly, the "Generate more" option generates additional titles based on a selected topic:

Crafting Your Thumbnail

The next step involves the thumbnail. Here, you can generate up to four thumbnails. Select “Generate More” to dive into various visual directions for your video's first impression:

How to download a thumbnail from Create?

To download the thumbnail, you need to choose the desired thumbnail first from the thumbnail section of the Blueprint (as displayed above) and then save the Blueprint until you get to the Preview section, where the thumbnail will be available for download to your device:

Fleshing Out the Video Outline

The outline journey continues with the Outline section. This is where you can determine the length and type of your video, which best aligns with your content strategy. You can customize your outline based on:

  • Duration: 3-5 minutes, 5-10 minutes, or more than 10 minutes.

  • Video Type: Basic outline (default) to specific formats like Let's Play, Review, News Updates, Listicle, Challenge, Storytelling, Documentary, Commentary, Tutorial, Entertainment, and Vlog.

After setting your duration and video type preferences, click 'Regenerate' to refresh the outline to reflect your new parameters:


Every blueprint is a step towards a finalized video that captures your unique style and message. With the ability to customize and save at every stage, you maintain control over the creative process, ensuring that the final product is authentically yours. In the last Preview section, you have the option to share your video blueprint (a link will be copied to your clipboard) or save it, if you haven’t done so before:

Embracing the Creative Flow with "Create"

With vidIQ's "Create", you're not just following a template—you're given a set of cutting-edge AI tools to construct a video that's as unique as your channel. Start with a blueprint, infuse it with your creativity, and watch as your ideas transform into engaging content that resonates with your audience.

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