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Create: An Entire Production Team, in your Pocket.
Create: An Entire Production Team, in your Pocket.
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What is Create?

In the ever-evolving world of YouTube content creation, staying ahead of the curve and engaging your audience with relevant and captivating content is key to success. vidIQ introduces the "Create" feature, designed to keep creators at the forefront of emerging trends and audience interests. Think of Create as an expert production team that will help with every part of the brainstorming process - from initial concept to thumbnail to script. Whether you're starting with a spark of an idea or looking for that final creative touch, Create is your go-to for ideas that get results.

How to get started with Create

You can start creating via:

  • If you're using a computer: First, make sure you're logged in to your vidIQ account. Once you're in, you'll see your homepage has changed a bit - there's a new section called "Create" right there for you. If you want to go straight to it, you can also follow this link here:

  • If you're on your phone: Open the vidIQ mobile app, and you'll notice that where you usually find the "Home" button, there's now a "Create" button. This is your go-to spot for all things creative, always ready for you with just one tap.

Topic of the day

At the very top of your page, you'll find the "Topic of the Day" waiting to spark your creativity. It's the perfect daily dose of inspiration, especially if you're short on time but eager for a great idea for your next top-performing video. Simply click "Preview this Topic" to explore the concept further and begin crafting your video Blueprint.

Saved Daily Ideas

Now, your top saved ideas are seamlessly incorporated into your Create feed. Located just below the "Topic of the Day" segment, you can glimpse your four latest ideas. By selecting "View All," you gain access to your entire collection of saved ideas, with the option to save even more that grab your attention.

Breakdown of all the Sections

The rest of your dashboard will be filled with topics and inspirations and is a perfect place to start crafting an idea for your next viral video. Each section has four results; some present brand-new topic opportunities and some highlight current high-performing videos from which you can draw inspiration. Once you find the one that sparks your interest the most, make sure to click on 'Preview' to explore the concept further and begin crafting your video Blueprint.

Here is a bit more information on each section:

Please note, that the sections "Evergreen Videos," "Content Gaps," "Videos Sending You Traffic," and "Answer Your Audience" are only available on our paid plans: Pro, Boost, and 1-on-1 Coaching.

  • Emerging Trends: Stay on the cutting edge with trending topics that are gaining traction in your niche.

  • Reinvent Viral Videos: Highlight viral videos with an "outlier score," guiding you on audience preferences and successful content strategies.

  • More Topics for You: Explore additional topics in your niche, similar to "Topic of the Day," for expanded content ideas.

  • Answer Your Audience: Delve into your comments section to find audience requests and questions, helping you tailor your content to viewer curiosity and improving community engagement.

  • Evergreen Videos: Uncover timeless videos that continue to attract views in your niche over time.

  • Content Gaps: Discover topics with high demand but low competition, allowing you to fill these gaps and capture audience attention.

  • Top Search Terms: Learn the top keywords searched within your niche to optimize your content for searchability.

  • Double Down on Your Top Videos: Review one of your top-performing videos and receive suggestions for creating follow-up or related content.

  • Videos Sending You Traffic: Find out which YouTube videos are recommending your content and understand the viewing paths of your audience.

  • Flesh Out Your Own Ideas: Input a topic or title to use the craft flow manually, developing your content strategy with precision.

Not seeing all the sections?

Sometimes, you might notice that certain sections, like "Answer Your Audience," aren't visible on your dashboard. This is because our platform customizes your experience based on the specific data from your YouTube channel. If there's not enough data for us to generate actionable suggestions—for instance, if your videos haven't received any comments—we opt to hide that section. This ensures that you're only seeing modules that can provide you with meaningful insights and actions.

The good news, however, as your channel grows and gathers more data (such as comments), these insights will become available to you, unlocking new opportunities for your next viral video!

Seeing Empty Page?

If you've arrived at your new dashboard, the "Create" page, but don't see any suggestions, it's likely due to one of two reasons:

  1. New Channel with Limited Content: "Create" thrives on data to provide personalized suggestions. If your channel is new or content is limited still, we may need more details to tailor these ideas to your niche and content style. This is an easy fix. Just click on "Select Topics" to tell us more about your channel's focus. You'll see options like Gaming, Business & Finance, Education, and more. Choose what fits best to unlock suggestions that resonate with your creative spark. You will also have an option to "Fine Tune Feed" once per day to even better improve our suggestions.

  2. Authentication Error: If you encounter a message that says, "Oops, we are in trouble," it's often an authentication issue. Reconnecting your channel is a simple solution. There are easy-to-follow steps to re-authenticate and get back on track.

If these steps don't resolve the issue or the data doesn't seem quite right, our Creator Support team is ready to assist you in unlocking the full potential of "Create" for your YouTube channel.

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