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How to Add Your Managed YouTube Channel to vidIQ: A Guide for Account Managers
How to Add Your Managed YouTube Channel to vidIQ: A Guide for Account Managers
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Are you managing multiple YouTube channels and looking to leverage vidIQ for enhanced analytics and optimization? Here’s a step-by-step guide for YouTube account managers on how to add and authenticate channels they manage via a brand account in vidIQ.

Step 1: Ensure the Channel is a Brand Account

The first and most critical step is to confirm that the channel you manage is set up as a brand account. This setup allows for more flexible management and is a prerequisite for integrating with services like vidIQ.

  1. Communicate with the Channel Owner: Inform the channel owner that their channel needs to be a brand account. This is a requirement for third-party service authentication.

  2. Verification by the Channel Owner: The channel owner should visit to check if the channel is listed under "Your Brand Accounts". If it isn't, they will need to convert their channel into a brand account.

Here is more information on brand accounts and how to change the channel to a brand channel: Brand Accounts

Step 2: Adjusting Permissions

Once the channel is a brand account, the channel owner must ensure that permissions are not managed through YouTube Studio. If they are, the owner needs to opt out of YouTube Studio permissions and manage them through the brand account.

Step 3: Role Assignment

Once the permissions of the channel are set through Brand Channel permissions, the channel owner then needs to assign to you, the channel manager, appropriate permissions via the brand account settings. More on Channel Permissions.

Step 4: Authenticating the Channel in vidIQ

With the channel now properly set up as a brand account and with the right permissions assigned, you should now be able to add and authenticate the channel in vidIQ.

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