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Authenticating Your Channel with vidIQ
Authenticating Your Channel with vidIQ

Learn how to add and change youtube channel associated with your vidIQ acount.

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Are you looking to boost your YouTube channel's performance and visibility? Here at vidIQ, we provide an intuitive suite of tools that can help skyrocket your channel's growth.

Why do I need to add my channel to vidIQ?

In order to start gaining insights, improve your channel's SEO, and unlock the full potential of your YouTube channel with vidIQ's analytics, optimization, and AI tools, it's important to connect your channel to the vidIQ platform.

How to add your YouTube channel to vidIQ?

  1. After logging into your vidIQ account at, you will be prompted to add your channel.

  2. Once you click on "Connect your YouTube Channel". You'll be directed to a Google Sign-in page. Sign in with the Google account associated with your YouTube channel. vidIQ will request permission to access your YouTube account. Make sure to grant these permissions, by pressing "Allow". These permissions are crucial to analyze your YouTube data and provide you with actionable insights.

  3. After granting the permissions, allow the system a few seconds to gather the necessary data and you will be presented with the onboarding screen. You can either follow the steps or skip this part and go directly to your vidIQ dashboard.

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