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Navigating YouTube Success with the AI Coach
Navigating YouTube Success with the AI Coach

Everything you need to know about AI Coach

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What is the AI Coach?

The vidIQ AI Coach is a purpose-built AI tool that provides YouTube creators like you with data-driven insights, ideas, feedback, and strategies for growing your channel. VidIQ's AI Coach is designed to be the co-pilot you've always needed for your YouTube journey. Some of its benefits include:

  • Speed: Get the help you need, faster 🚀 . No need to toggle between platforms or conduct extensive research for your YouTube queries on your own, AI Coach is always there for you.

  • Comprehensive: The AI Coach can assist you with a channel audit, offer advice based on your channel data, guide you on how to attract more views, suggest potential titles for certain topics, and so much more.

  • Convenient: Once you access the AI Coach from your dashboard, you'll find a list of common questions to help you get started and quickly find the answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.

How to Get Started with AI Coach

  • If you're using a computer: First, log in to your vidIQ account. Once you're in, you'll see a "Coach" section on the left bar of your screen where the other vidIQ tools are.

  • If you're using your mobile device: Open the vidIQ mobile app, and you'll see a "Coach" section from the menu at the top left corner of your screen.

How do you interact with the AI Coach?

Once you access the AI Coach, you will see a user-friendly interface designed to help you navigate and answer YouTube and content creation-related questions. The main components to help you interact are:

Advanced and Basic Chat

The AI Coach operates in two modes: Basic and Advanced.

Basic Mode: This mode provides information related to YouTube but does not incorporate any of your channel data. The Basic Mode is available on Free and paid plans.

Advanced Mode: The Advanced Mode utilizes your channel data to provide personalized advice, including channel audits and growth strategies. The Advanced Mode comes with 3 monthly credits on the free plan. However, you can enjoy unlimited access by upgrading to the Boost plan or higher.

Please note that both the Basic and Advanced chats have a limit of 30 messages per hour.

Suggested Topics

The AI Coach offers a list of prompts to guide your queries. This can be found at the bottom of your dashboard screen, close to the section where you input your query.

Here’s a list of all the prompts or suggested topics:

Most Popular

• Based on my channel, what video ideas do you have for me?

• How do I get more views?

• Can you audit my channel?

• Write a script for a YouTube video about:

• Write a YouTube community post about:

• Give me 5 video ideas about:

Video Strategy

• Can you audit my channel?

• Give me 5 video ideas about…

• How to grow a channel about…

• What video should I double down on?

• Write a script for a YouTube video about…

• Based on my channel, what video ideas do you have for me?

Channel Analysis

• Which of my videos have the highest engagement?

• How are my views and average view durations (AVD)?

• How do my video titles compare in terms of performance?

• What are my audience demographics, and how can I cater my content to them?

Audience Engagement

• How can I increase my channel’s subscriber count?

• Write a YouTube community post about…

• What types of videos do my subscribers like the most?

• How can I improve my audience retention rate?

• What can I do to encourage more comments and likes on my videos?

• How can I better interact with my audience and foster a community?

Do not hesitate to interact with these prompts and get blown away by the answers. You may also ask a question about YouTube or come up with your own creative prompt.

Editing and Deleting the title of Your Interactions

The conversations with the AI Coach are automatically saved once started. Feel free to edit the chat's name or delete the entire conversation if you no longer need it.

FAQ of the AI Coach tool

  1. Message Limit: You may have reached the 30 messages per-hour limit. Please wait a while before trying again.

    If you encounter a message limit warning, it means you have reached the maximum of 30 messages per hour allowed by the AI Coach. This limit is in place to ensure fair usage and availability of the service for all users.

  2. Why is the AI Coach not working properly on my device?

    AI Coach may be affected by active parental controls, VPNs, adblockers, or third-party browser extensions. These can interfere with the functionality of the AI Coach by restricting access or altering how the service interacts with your browser.

  3. Unsupported Questions: AI Coach may not be able to support the query you've asked.

    The AI Coach is designed to handle specific kinds of questions related to YouTube, channel optimization, video performance, and content strategy. Queries outside of these topics may not be processed.


    If you ask AI Coach something unrelated to its intended function, such as “What’s the weather like today?” or “Can you help me with my math homework?”, the AI may not respond because these questions are not within its supported topics. Stick to questions about YouTube strategies, such as “How can I increase my watch time?” or “What are the best titles for my next video?”

The next time you have a question about growing your YouTube channel, why not ask the vidIQ AI Coach? Give it a try and let it guide you on your YouTube journey to success!

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