What’s Engagement Rate?
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What’s Engagement Rate? It’s only the most important measure of your video’s health.

TER stands for True Engagement Rate; it’s the direct comparison of all of the engagements (likes, comments, shares) to views.

Why is it so important? When viewers engage with your videos it confirms that your videos are effective. Also, it’s more likely that new viewers will find your video since others are sharing and liking the video.

What’s a good Engagement Rate? Between 2-5% is good. Anything above that is excellent. Anything below 2% and you need to do some work.

How can I improve my Engagement Rate? There’s no guaranteed recipe, but there are some things you can make sure to do with every video:

  • Encourage viewers to participate by asking questions like “What would you like to see in my next video?”, “What’s your favorite…”, and “Show me your version of ….” Having this in your title is great, in your description, even better. Actually asking the questions in your videos is the *best*!

  • Ask for Subscriptions, but give them a compelling reason to sub- Let the viewer know that you’re planning your next video series and to subscribe to make sure they don’t miss any new videos.

  • Don’t forget annotations and in-video programming-Make sure users can easily get to other videos you’ve created or subscribe right from the video.

  • As always, make sure your content is properly tagged, titled, and pick a thumbnail that stands out in search. No one is going to comment, share, or subscribe if they can’t find your video. Need help with tagging, check out Pro and Boost.

  • Edit your videos to be shareable- Get to the good stuff quickly without wasting the viewer’s time. Think about what title and thumbnail would encourage your viewers to share your video with the world..

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