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Personalized and Customized Video Ideas
Personalized and Customized Video Ideas

A Comprehensive Guide to Daily Ideas

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Running out of video ideas for your YouTube channel? vidIQ's Daily Ideas tool can help generate fresh, high-performing video concepts based on your channel and preferred keywords. Let's break down how to utilize these powerful tools.

Personalized Video Ideas

What if there was a tool capable of not only inspiring fresh content ideas but also providing recommendations perfectly suited to your channel? Our Personalized Ideas tool does just that. By analyzing channels producing similar content and examining your own videos, our AI algorithm generates video ideas that have a high probability of striking a chord with your audience.

Personalized Ideas are available on both the web dashboard under the ‘Daily Ideas’ tab on the top menu. and the vidIQ mobile app located under the second tab at the bottom of the navigation menu.

The number of Personalized Ideas you receive daily depends on your subscription plan:

  • Free users have 3 ideas per day

  • Pro users have 10 ideas per day

  • Boost and Higher users have unlimited

Watch this video for a visual guide on how Personalized Ideas work.

Customized Video Ideas

The Customized Ideas Tool generates video suggestions based on a keyword of your choice and your channel's data. It is particularly useful for creators aiming to target a specific niche or exploring new content territories.

Customized Ideas are currently only available exclusively on the web dashboard. You'll find them under the ‘Daily Ideas’ tab on the top menu. However, we are working to bring Customized Ideas to mobile as well, stay tuned 😎

The number of searches and results for Customized Ideas also depends on your plan:

  • Free users have 3-lifetime searches with 3 results shown for each search

  • Pro users have 10-ifetime searches with 3 results shown for each search

  • Boost and Higher users have unlimited searches with 10 results shown for each search

Please note, If you are on the Free and Pro plan, once you reach your lifetime limit of customized ideas, your last keyword entered will stay in the search bar and you will no longer have the ability to delete it or replace it. If you need to customize your ideas again, please consider upgrading to Boost to give you unlimited search abilities.

How Does Daily Video Ideas Work

View Prediction

Each Daily Idea comes with a prediction of ‘Very High’, ‘High’, ‘Medium’, or ‘Low’. This is a relative score based on the potential of each idea, not a guarantee. After all, nothing makes more impact than the quality of your video.

We use predictive modeling to analyze the performance of a large number of videos that other YouTubers have created, specifically looking at how many views they received in the first days after they were published.

Saving and Dismissing Ideas

With each idea, you will have an option to either Save or Dismiss it either by swiping left or right, if you are in card mode, or by pressing Save 💙 or Dismiss ❌ buttons if you are in list mode. 

Bear in mind that the algorithm refreshes your Daily Video Ideas daily at midnight. If the ideas do not refresh the next day, you may need to wait a few hours, depending on your time zone.

Since Personalized Ideas are adapted to your content, you need to have at least one video posted on your YouTube channel to generate them. If you're just beginning and haven't posted any videos yet, use Customized Ideas to kickstart your journey. Remember, it's best to use only one keyword to define the topic of Customized Ideas.

Run into an issue?

If you're encountering issues with Daily Video Ideas, here are some tips:

  • Personalized and Customized Ideas at this time are only optimized to work well for English inputs and might not perform as well with other languages.

  • If you're receiving irrelevant ideas, dismiss them to improve the algorithm. Keep in mind, Personalized Ideas are based on your channel's existing content. If you start posting new content, Personalized Ideas will evolve over time.

  • Can't locate your saved ideas? They're housed under the 'Saved Ideas' tab on both the web dashboard and the mobile app.

  • If you're encountering an error message, try re-authenticating your channel to resolve the issue.

Remember to always put a personal spin on the recommended ideas. Inspiration is key, but originality is crucial. Keep creating 💫

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