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Personalized and Customized Video Ideas
Personalized and Customized Video Ideas

A Comprehensive Guide to Daily Ideas

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Running out of video ideas for your YouTube channel? vidIQ's Daily Ideas tool can help generate fresh, high-performing video concepts based on your channel and preferred keywords. Let's break down how to utilize these powerful tools.

Personalized Video Ideas

What if there was a tool capable of inspiring fresh content ideas and providing recommendations perfectly suited to your channel? Our Personalized Ideas tool does just that. By analyzing channels producing similar content and examining your videos, our AI algorithm generates ideas that are highly likely to resonate with your audience. Remember always to put a personal spin on the recommended ideas. Inspiration is key, but originality is crucial. 💫

How to get started with Ideas:

  • If you're using a computer: First, log in to your vidIQ account. Once you're in, you'll see an "Ideas" section on the left bar of your screen where the other vidIQ tools are.

  • If you're on your phone: Open the vidIQ mobile app, and you'll see an "Ideas" section from the menu at the top left corner of your screen.

The number of Personalized Ideas you receive daily depends on your subscription plan:

  • Free plan: 3 ideas per day

  • Pro plan: 10 ideas per day

  • Boost plan and higher: you get 50 ideas daily.

Also, the number of Customized Ideas you receive daily depends on your subscription plan:

  • Free plan: 3 lifetime searches (3 results will come up)

  • Pro plan: 10 lifetime searches (3 results will come up)

  • Boost and higher: unlimited searches (10 results will come up).

Customized Video Ideas

The Customized Ideas Tool generates video suggestions based on a keyword of your choice and your channel's data. It is handy for creators targeting a specific niche or exploring new content territories.

Please note that Customized Ideas currently are only available inside the vidIQ web app at the bottom of the Ideas page and not in the vidIQ mobile app.

To use this tool, you need to type a keyword in, and the algorithm will provide ideas based on that keyword!

If you are on the Free and Pro plan, once you reach your lifetime limit of customized ideas, your last keyword entered will stay in the search bar, and you will no longer be able to delete or replace them. If you need to customize your ideas again, please consider upgrading to Boost, which gives you unlimited search abilities.

How Does Daily Video Ideas Work?

Before using the Ideas tools there are two components to take into consideration:

View Prediction

Each Daily Idea comes with a prediction of ‘Very High,’ ‘High,’ ‘Medium,’ or ‘Low.’ This is a relative score based on the potential of each idea, not a guarantee of virality. After all, nothing makes more impact than the quality of your video.

We use predictive modeling to analyze the performance of many videos created by other YouTubers, specifically the number of views they received in the first days after they were published. You can filter the ideas presented to you by using the View Prediction sorting:

Saving and Dismissing Ideas

You can save or Dismiss each idea by clicking the Save (💙) or Dismiss (❌) buttons or by swiping left or right (on mobile). Saving and dismissing ideas will give our algorithm a good direction on what kind of ideas you prefer for your channel.

Saved and Dismissed Ideas are saved in case you want to revisit them at a later date. Simply click on each tab named Saved Ideas and Dismissed Ideas, and they will show up:

If you want to restore or fully delete the ideas from the Dismissed Ideas, click on Restore All. They will return automatically to the Daily Ideas/Customized Ideas tab; otherwise, click on Dismiss (❌) to delete them permanently.

Personalized and Customized Ideas at this time are only optimized to work well for English inputs and might not perform as well with other languages.


  1. Why does it say, "😬️ Oops, we’re in trouble!"?

    The Personalized Ideas Tool will immediately generate ideas after you join vidIQ if you have already uploaded a video(s) on your channel. However, if you just uploaded your first video recently, please allow our algorithm to fetch data from your YouTube channel for ideas, and this process can take up to 24 hours.

    Meanwhile, you can try our Customized Ideas Tool, which lets you get ideas on any topic you want. You need to type a keyword in, and the algorithm will provide ideas based on that keyword!

    If, after 24 hours of posting a video, you don't have access to the Personalized Ideas tool, please try re-authenticating your channel or contacting the vidIQ support team.

  2. Why do I receive irrelevant video ideas?

    Personalized Ideas use channel data such as tags, titles, and descriptions from your videos to provide accurate recommendations for videos that could potentially attract traffic. However, if your channel is relatively new or has titles in different niches, categories, or languages, our algorithm may sometimes not provide the most accurate video ideas instantly. Personalized Ideas are based on your channel's existing content, and if you start posting new content, Personalized Ideas should evolve over time.

    If you don't want to see a particular idea, please use the Dismiss (❌) button. Saving and dismissing ideas will give our algorithm a good idea of what you prefer for your channel.

  3. Why do I see ideas in other languages?

    The tool typically performs well on English inputs. However, non-English inputs might need to generate better ideas. If you see ideas irrelevant to your content language, please use the Dismiss (❌) button.

  4. What is the difference between Personalized and Customized Ideas?

    Personalized Ideas work based on your latest uploaded videos. Our algorithm will provide you with ideas related to your content based on your channel's historical video success and where we think you'll be successful. On the other hand, the Customized Ideas tool lets you get ideas on any topic you want by typing a keyword(s).

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