If you're having trouble logging into your vidIQ account, it might be due to a forgotten or incorrect password. Fortunately, resetting your password is a quick and easy process.

Please follow instructions bellow 👇

  1. Type the email address you use for vidIQ

  2. Click on the "Request Reset"

  3. Check your email inbox for a password reset email from vidIQ.

  4. Click on the password reset link in the email

  5. Enter a new password for your account. Be sure to choose a strong and unique password.

  6. Click "Reset Password" to save your new password.

  7. Log in to VidIQ with your email address and new password 🥳

Forgot your login email as well?

No problem, please follow this article to learn how to recover it.

Didn't get your password reset in your email?

  1. Please check your junk mail folder. If you're using Gmail, check your Social emails.

  2. Make sure that you entered the correct email. 

If you still having issues reseting your password or recovering your login email, please contact us and we will be happy to help!

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