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What YouTube Permissions does vidIQ need and why do we need them?
What YouTube Permissions does vidIQ need and why do we need them?

What were those permissions that I agreed to when I first signed up again?

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What permissions does vidIQ needs?

When you first authorize vidIQ to be able to have access to your YouTube channel, you have to agree to a short list of permissions.

The vidIQ List of Permissions

(accurate as of 2020-07-15)

The details for each item:

  • View monetary and non-monetary YouTube Analytics reports for your YouTube content - "View monetary and non-monetary YouTube Analytics reports(e.g., views and earnings reports) for your YouTube channels and videos"

  • Manage your YouTube account - "View and manage your videos and playlists. View and manage your YouTube activity."

Why do we need these permissions?

We appreciate that the security of your YouTube account is, and should be, foremost in your mind when allowing third-party software such as vidIQ to access your channel.
First, to address the question of why we ask for permissions to your YouTube account. vidIQ includes dozens of tools that help creators research keywords; analyze videos; audit their own channels; and take actionable steps that help to gain more views, more subscribers, and save millions of man-hours every year. This can only be achieved through the permissions we request.

We constantly review YouTube permissions and how they impact the development of vidIQ and your channel. We do not ask for anything that we do not have to and we have worked diligently to trim permissions requests down to the absolute minimum we require. Rest assured we make every effort to protect you and the hard work that you put into your channel. After all, we create content and use vidIQ everyday ourselves!

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about these permissions.

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