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vidIQ Affiliate Commission: Everything You Need to Know
vidIQ Affiliate Commission: Everything You Need to Know

vidIQ Affiliate Commission Basics

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Are you looking to earn passive income while helping others succeed on YouTube? Look no further! The vidIQ Affiliate Program is here to reward you for referring customers to our platform. With a generous commission structure and lifetime recurring payments, some of our affiliates are earning thousands of dollars every month!

How Does the Commission Structure Work?

The vidIQ Affiliate Program offers a base recurring commission of 15% for your referrals, with the opportunity to earn up to 25% based on the number of new customer sales you refer. There are three levels to reach as an affiliate:

  • Associate (0-10 Sales) - Earn a 15% commission

  • Influencer (11-50 Sales) - Earn a 20% commission

  • Ambassador (51+ Sales) - Earn a 25% commission

There's no limit on the amount of commission you can earn, so the sky's the limit!

How long do I have to wait for payment on my commissions?

Commission payments are processed within the first week of each month. We’ll automatically pay out to the PayPal email address provided in your affiliate account.

Note that there’s a $10 minimum balance to be paid. If you haven’t reached $10 in a given month, your balance is rolled over to the next month.

The earnings for the last two days of each month will be calculated together with your earnings for the following month and paid out at the first week of the next month.

What is Lifetime Commission?

As a vidIQ affiliate, you'll enjoy lifetime commissions, meaning you'll earn commissions every month as long as a user keeps their subscription active. For example, if a user purchases our Boost plan at $49/month and you're an Associate level affiliate (15%), you'll earn $7.35 every month while the user's subscription remains active.

What Happens to Commissions if a User Cancels Their Plan or Requests a Refund?

As an affiliate, you'll earn regular commission from a user as long as their subscription remains active. However, if a user cancels their plan, your monthly commission from their subscription will stop. Additionally, if a user requests a refund, your commission related to that purchase will be not paid.

Is there a fee to join the vidIQ Affiliate Program?

Absolutely not! No fees apply to join our Affiliate Program. You can sign up for an affiliate account in our web app here with your existing vidIQ account.

Worried About Losing Progress Towards Your Next Commission Tier?

No need to worry! Your affiliate level is set based on initial purchases, regardless of how long users keep their subscriptions active. For example, you need to refer 11 users to paid plans to reach the Influencer level, even if some of those users unsubscribe.

Track Your Earnings and Receive Payouts:

You can easily track your commission earnings in the vidIQ Affiliate Center. We send payouts through PayPal, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free process.

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions or need help with the vidIQ Affiliate Program, feel free to reach out to us at We're here to support you in your journey to success!

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