vidIQ’s products and services include...

  • Browser extension

    • Users can install the vidIQ extension on their Chrome or Firefox browsers to experience the full benefits of our tools. The extension gives users easy, comprehensive access to our tools across YouTube.

  • Web application

    • A number of our tools exists within our very own web application and allow us to surface even more data and results than we can within the extension.

  • Mobile App

    • Users can take several vidIQ features and services on the go with our free mobile app!

  • Academy

    • We offer a number of YouTube growth courses in the vidIQ Academy, taught by YouTube experts such as Rob Wilson, Sean Cannell, Sydney Diongzon, and more!

  • Group Coaching

    • vidIQ MAX users have access to group coaching and as such can take advantage of our private vidIQ coaches to get direct feedback about their YouTube channels from the experts themselves.

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