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Getting Started With vidIQ
Get started with vidIQ for TikTok - Viewing stats - Part II
Get started with vidIQ for TikTok - Viewing stats - Part II

Meet with our metrics and get familiar with the engagement rate

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When you have our extension installed and you navigate to, you will see the following numbers on all TikTok videos:

  • Engagement rate

  • Views

  • Likes

  • Comments

  • Shares

The video we've selected for this example is from The OK cat.

You can see that stats are presented on the right side of the video.

The engagement rate is a great indicator of the performance of a video. It is calculated using the number of likes, shares, comments and views.
A video with a high engagement rate has a higher potential to get more views or could indicate a strongly engaged community for the account who published the video.

Note: The engagement rate can decrease over time if your video is viewed by more users.

This is a great tool for creators to learn which videos perform well and try to understand why. Understanding why videos have high engagement rate could you increase the engagement rate of your videos if you are able to reproduce their secret recipe!
Try to understand what triggers the interest of people and why some videos get a lot of views, likes, comments and shares or a high engagement rate to become successful with vidIQ!

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