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Getting Started With vidIQ
Getting Started Pt. III - Monitoring your channel and videos
Getting Started Pt. III - Monitoring your channel and videos

Take a look at your data through enhanced visualizations

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As we stated earlier, the Web App is your base of operations and one of the best places to keep tabs on all of your videos as well as your competitors.

vidIQ Web App- The main dashboard is comprised of a number of modules that can be added, removed, and moved to be tailored to your preference.

Below is a quick breakdown of the modules:

Note on module colors: Blue bordered modules display data from the range selected in
the upper-right. Gray bordered modules display LTD data only.

We recommend logging into the web app regularly to keep on top of any developing trends that you might be able to capitalize on. Things to look out for include:

  • Dramatic increases/decreases in sharing/engagement activity

  • Shifts in Top Countries or Embed Locations

  • Changes in subscriber numbers

After you're done looking through your channel's dashboard, make sure to check out the competitors tab. You can add competitive channels to the list (limit based on package) and track your progress against theirs.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to measure your channel using the vidIQ Web App, let's dive into optimizing your videos!

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