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My referral didn't count! How come?
My referral didn't count! How come?

Here's what to do if your referral is not displayed in your dashboard.

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Reasons Why Referrals Might Not Be Counting:

  • Cookie Duration and Tracking

The first and most common reason why a referral might not be counted is that the customer might have cleared their cookies between clicking on your referral link and registering for vidIQ. The vidIQ Affiliate Program relies on cookies for tracking referrals and uses a specific time frame ( 90 days) within which the referred user must complete their signup for the referral to be tracked. If the cookies have been cleared during that period, the referral will not be successfully counted.

  • Referred User Already Has an Account

Another reason why a referral might not be counted is that the referred user already has an existing vidIQ account.

The vidIQ Affiliate Program only credits referrals for new users who sign up using your unique referral link. If the person you are referring has already signed up or used vidIQ before, the referral will not be counted towards your commission.

  • Using An Ad Blocker

Many internet users have an ad blocker or privacy extension installed on their browser to prevent unwanted advertisements and tracking. If the referred user has an ad blocker enabled, it may stop the tracking cookie from being stored on their device, resulting in the referral not being counted.

  • Multiple Affiliate Links

If the referred user has clicked multiple vidIQ affiliate links before signing up, only the last clicked link will be credited with the referral. This means that if they clicked on another affiliate's link after clicking on yours, the referral will be counted for the other affiliate, and you will not earn the commission.

How To Maximize Your vidIQ Affiliate Success:

To avoid the pitfalls mentioned above and make the most of your vidIQ affiliate experience, consider following these tips:

  • Educate your audience: Make sure to educate your audience about vidIQ and the benefits of using the platform. Clear communication can lead to better conversions and ultimately more successful referrals.

  • Use clear calls-to-action: Encourage users to sign up for vidIQ by using persuasive calls-to-action in your content or marketing materials.

  • Promote your affiliate link strategically: Utilize social media, your website, or blog to share your affiliate link with potential users.

  • Stay compliant with terms and conditions: Ensure that you are abiding by the vidIQ's affiliate program terms and conditions, which include guidelines on content you can produce or promotions you can run using your affiliate link.

  • Track your progress: Regularly monitor your affiliate dashboard to keep an eye on your referral count and earnings.

Understanding the reasons behind uncounted referrals and implementing the suggested strategies can significantly improve your success as a vidIQ affiliate. By being proactive and ensuring your referrals meet the necessary requirements, you can optimize your affiliate earnings and make the most of this lucrative program.

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