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What rewards are available to affiliates?
What rewards are available to affiliates?

Rewards you will receive for referring a friend to vidIQ using the affiliate program, and how to collect them.

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You'll earn a percentage commission on purchases made after users click from your link and subscribe to a paid vidIQ plan. By default you'll earn 15% of purchases, but that percentage will rise the more sales you make, to 20% and then to 25%.

  • You'll earn a commission on both initial purchases and all recurring purchases, so your earnings can grow quickly!

  • Affiliates at the Influencer and Ambassador levels can provide their audience with a personalized promo code for 35% off vidIQ Pro and Boost.

  • Ambassador affiliates can take advantage of our premium vidIQ Boost yearly package for free.

We process payments via PayPal. To get paid, you simply need to update the email address associated with your PayPal account into the corresponding field in the dashboard. After that, you'll receive the commissions due to you in the first week of the following month as long as you meet the $10 minimum balance.

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