We appreciate that the security of your YouTube account is, and should be, foremost in your mind when allowing third-party software such as vidIQ to access your channel.

First, to address the question of why we ask for so many permissions: vidIQ includes more than 100 tools that help creators research keywords; analyze videos; audit their own channels; and take actionable steps that help to gain more views, more subscribers, and save millions of man hours every year (and please note that if you need a refresher on what all of the permissions that we ask for are, you can see a list of them right here).

To specifically answer the question as to why we need delete access, this is not required so that we can delete videos through vidIQ but rather so that you can manage comments. Yes, we agree that this sounds odd, but that is the way that YouTube designed their permissions and we must build around the structure that is put in front of us.

Currently there is no vidIQ tool that is designed to delete your YouTube videos.

A few additional things you may want to know about us:

  • We are a certified YouTube service provider.
  • We work with over 750k+ authenticated YouTube channels.
  • Our customer data belongs to our customers. Period. We don't share it with others.
  • We are financially backed from top investors including Mark Cuban and Chris Sacca.
  • Top brands trust us including Red Bull, Buzzfeed, AOL, and more.

We constantly review YouTube permissions and how they impact the development of vidIQ and your channel. We do not ask for anything that we do not have to! Rest assured we make every effort to protect you and the hard work that you put into your channel. After all, we create content and use vidIQ everyday ourselves!

We welcome your feedback.

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