vidIQ Score

The vidIQ score takes into account a huge variety of stats to determine the likelihood that your video will surface in any particular YouTube Search, in Related Videos, and/or on the Front Page. 

So how can you raise your score?

  1. Optimize your metadata - Don’t leave your metadata empty, this is one of the best ways to get your videos seen by new viewers! vidIQ Pro’s keyword research tools and vidIQ Boost’s recommendations were built to optimize your metadata and get more views (find out more).

  2. Trim the fat - Increase average watch time and completion rate by improving content or removing superfluous content.

  3. Share and share alike - Don’t forget to promote your video on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Try to find out where viewers who watch your content hangout online and post the video there too!

  4. Engage with your viewers - Ask questions, respond to your viewers comments, and check out their videos. If you’re not active, why should your viewers be?

See it in Action: Look at the difference between this video and this other video. What’s different?

vidIQ SEO Score

To increase the vidIQ SEO score, you may want to know how it's calculated first.

For this purpose, we've created a video tutorial:

As you optimize your channel in every aspect, your popularity will increase within the YouTube population. As long as you: upload frequently, optimize your videos, keep engaging with your audience, and add cards and end screens to drive views between your videos, there should be no reason not to grow healthily on YouTube!

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