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Scheduling videos to release at a regular cadence.
Scheduling videos to release at a regular cadence.
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Scheduling videos to release at a regular cadence helps build anticipation and encourages your viewers to subscribe to your channel. It seems simple, but think about it—if you know there’s going to be regular updates or episodes of your favorite shows you’re going to want to know about it.

Hold yer horses! Just programming on a schedule isn’t enough, you need to let your fans know. There are tons of ways to do this, but here are some of the ones we recommend:

  • Talk about upcoming videos in your videos: Remind viewers in your videos by talking about when new content is coming out.

  • Include it in the video’s title and description: Do you release a new video on Mondays? Then work Weekly or Every Monday into the title and description.

  • Use annotations: Oops! You forgot to mention your next release in a video. No problem, tell viewers when the next video is releasing in annotations.

  • Create a “Welcome” video: Create a quick clip to feature on your channel that tells viewers what content to expect when and why they should subscribe to your channel.

  • Include it in your creative: Update your channel banner and create custom thumbnails that display what content releases on what days.

Quick Tip! Start slow… There’s no need to schedule content on everyday of the week; consistency is more important than quantity!

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