Upgraded to Pro, now what?

A brief look to the major Pro features

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YouTube Keyword Research - Helping you decide which keywords you'll need to add to rank for a specific search term. This is found directly inside of YouTube navigation whenever you make a YouTube search. 

Keyword Inspector - Using this tool is as simple as clicking on any keyword on YouTube. 

Best Time of Day - We process this nightly based on your subscriber activity for last 30 days. This can be found on front page of app.vidiq.com. (Sometimes this can take up to a few hours for our system to do the initial processing based on your channel.)

Historical Stats on Popular Videos - You can effectively go back in time and find out why a video went viral through the vidIQ Pro Chrome Extension. We suggest taking a look at top videos on reddit as it'll show many videos popping after having much smaller growth beforehand.

Text Description Campaigns - These allow you to run campaigns across all of your videos (without impacting SEO) to promote various things like a recent video or new channel or even a new product. You can click on the button below to learn using this feature: 

Competitors - You'll notice that the limit on this feature has been increased and you can track up to 6 competitors. 

Trend Alerts - If you don't have time to check you competitors and their content frequently, then this feature will help you a lot by allowing you create an alert based on certain criteria to receive frequent feed about trending content, especially if it's produced by your competitor. Here how you can use this feature:

Controversial Keywords (New Demonetization Tool) - After the recent demonetization wave across many channels, we added this features to help you decrease the possibility of getting demonetized.  Here how you can use it:

In addition to the features above, the following features also come with the Pro Plan:

  • Top Tweets For a Video 

  • Top Trending Videos

  • Translate Title and Description

  • Copy Cards/End Screens

If you have any questions about Pro features, please use the chat box that is located on the bottom-right of this page or send us an email to support@vidiq.com

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