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Getting Started With vidIQ
Getting Started Pt. I - Familiarizing yourself with vidIQ
Getting Started Pt. I - Familiarizing yourself with vidIQ

Downloading the Chrome extension and the Web Application

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We built vidIQ to fit seamlessly into your current workflow. The platform is made up of two key components:

Chrome Extension: (Download here, if you haven't already) This YouTube companion appears in your browser and displays detailed metrics on any video you browse to as well as revealing the video's search terms. If you haven't upgraded to vidIQ Pro you will be given the option to do so by clicking on any of the Pro-only features. Pro features include: viewing historical stats on popular videos, YouTube keyword research, view trending videos and related tweets inline.

Web App: This is your base of operations— where you can monitor your channel, track your competitors' activity, and make changes to your videos. As a vidIQ Pro user you can take advantage of additional tools making it easier to promote and post your videos to drive the most views. Pro features include: best time to post, text description campaigns.

Now that you're familiar with the main components of the vidIQ platform, we will walkthrough a few use cases including:

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